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One of the most important and yet overlooked aspects of a software development project is the concept of regression testing during implementation. Regression testing is the practice of running tests for previously tested code following modification to ensure that faults have not been introduced or uncovered as a result of the changes made. In this article I will outline the need for continuous integration, automated builds, and testing, which support the tenets of regression testing and provide automation for the process. I will also introduce some of the free open source tools that can be used to effectively employ a continuous integration process, and we'll take a look at a scenario that demonstrates their use. The Case for Continuous Integration If you are a project manager, lead developer, or perhaps a tester on a software development project you may have heard t... (more)

.NET Framework

You might think that graphically intensive operations such as map rendering can be done only using languages like C++ to make Win32 API calls to the operating system. In fact, the .NET Framework and its GDI+ libraries can be used not only to render intense complex graphics but can do so efficiently. With Spatially Aware's Map Suite components for .NET it is not only possible but extremely easy to add mapping functionality to your .NET applications. It's early morning and Cornell University's Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Team is taking to the skies for another test flight of their entry... (more)

Designing a Flexible Enterprise with .NET Interfaces

Software reuse is the pinnacle of success in the object-oriented paradigm. Every development effort strives for it, whether it's shared components, routines, or just reuse of design ideas. Periodically a scenario comes along where everyone wants to reuse a piece of functionality that should be designed to satisfy a part of the nonfunctional requirements of several problem domains across the enterprise. In this article, I will show you how design using interface inheritance in .NET can help you achieve this goal. Interfaces in .NET Interfaces in .NET are very similar to interfaces... (more)